There is study and then there is #JusticeforLB

Well, studying Technology Enhanced Learning with the OU is not straightforward but this week has been more tricky still. I’ve been attending the Joint Social Work Education Conference (#JSWEC) hosted by the OU and so time has been short.

One of the learning activities I’m meant to be doing is writing a blog about my personal learning environment (PLE) but this week I’ve also come accross two really moving blogs about one family’s struggle to get answers about their son’s death: #JusticeforLB and #107days.

So, my PLE is every expanding as I try new tools but essentially it comes down to blogging, micro-blogging, Pinterest; that sort of thing.

What is more important to me this week is how technology – through other people’s PLEs – can connect so many people behind important causes and press for change.

So the really important blog is not mine (and probably not yours) but the one written by the family, friends and supporters of ‘Laughing Boy’ Connor Sparrowhawk.


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